How To Properly Charge Your Smartphone to keep the battery good?


How to charge mobile

About 80% of us smartphone users use an “Android device”.

And, 70% of these Android users lose their mobile battery within just 1 year.

In this way, to "keep the mobile battery great", first you want to know the "right Mobile charging rules". (Instructions to Charge Your Mobile Properly).

Since, to keep your cell phone battery great, you need to really focus on how you charge your Mobile.

Since, assuming you charge the cell phone inappropriately, the battery of the cell phone wears to an ever increasing extent.

Accordingly, it is typical for your Mobile battery to break down rapidly.

Without knowing the right standards for Mobile charging, "ill-advised" charging of cell phones can cause "out of nowhere diminished Mobile charge", "Mobile battery expanding" and "self-charging" and now and again more serious battery issues.
Thus, to keep a cell phone battery really great for quite a while, you want to know a few principles of legitimate Mobile charging.

Besides, there are many sorts of missteps we make while charging a Mobile, which we should quit doing.

Rules for paying mobile charges correctly

When a smartphone is new, we don't take much care of it, but when it is a few days old, we don't feel the need to take care of it.

This is the reason that as time goes by, the condition of our mobiles and mobile batteries deteriorates within a very short period of time.

So, if you want to keep the power of your mobile battery good forever and don't want any kind of battery-related problems to occur in your mobile, then do not know completely about “how to charge mobile properly”.

Proper mobile charging is "the only way to keep the mobile phone battery good".

How To Properly Charge Your Smartphone? (7 Rules)

Below, I will let you know a few standards of cell phone accusing and along of that, I will likewise let you know what things ought to never be finished while charging a cell phone.

1. When will I charge the mobile phone?

The right time to charge a smartphone is when the battery has less than 50% charge.

It is very good to maintain the amount of charge within 50% to 90% in mobile.

So, when the amount of charge is reduced from 50%, the mobile has to be charged.

Also, remember, don't charge more than 90%-95%. Hey, after 90% battery is charged, open the charger with meditation.

Thus, if you pay a little attention to the matter of when to charge the mobile, the health of the mobile battery will be much better.

2. Do not allow the amount of charge to fall below 20%

I know, while playing Pubg, watching YouTube videos, visiting various websites and doing many other activities, you don't remember to charge your mobile.

So? But, when the "low battery signal" is shown by the mobile phone, it only means, "the mobile battery has 20% charge left".

But, we are so busy playing games or watching videos on mobile that the mobile charge is reduced by more than 20%.

And, this is how 55% of people continue to drain their mobile battery capacity day after day.

 Remember, when the mobile battery charge is less than 20%, it is weak in many cases.

So, when we use heavy games (games) or apps on mobile day after day with less than 20% charge, it is sure to drain the battery.

So, for a long time, the first way to keep the battery of the mobile phone good is that, "Don't let the amount of charge in the mobile phone be less than 20%". Also, if the charge is less than 20%, do not use the mobile.

3. Should I fully charge the battery to 100%?

No, yet don't necessarily in every case energize to 100 percent.

Different mobile specialists have expressed that rather than completely charging any cell phone to 100 percent, assuming it is charged to 90% to 95%, the soundness of the versatile battery is great.

Nonetheless, a once-a-month 0% to 100 percent full charge process has shown to be really great for the battery by and large.

This process will “recalibrate the battery” and as a result, the android OS will be able to display the correct battery level of your mobile again.

 However, give full 0% to 100% only 1 to 2 times a month. Not more than that.

4. Do not use  mobile Charging

I would never recommend using a smartphone while it is charging.

In many cases, it has been seen that many mobile batteries have exploded while playing games while charging the smartphone or doing other things while charging the phone.

My intention is not to scare you. However, you will see many reports of such mobile explosions on the internet.

Truth be told, when the versatile is being utilized while it is charging, the presentation, processor and different pieces of the portable are utilizing power from the actual battery.

In this, there is a contest between the battery charge current utilization and how much charge provided by the charger.

Thus, mobile batteries become inclined to overheating.

Furthermore, thus "battery overheating", there is a high opportunity that your mobile battery will decay in an extremely brief timeframe.

Battery not charging, battery getting bad, battery charging very slowly, all these problems associated with the battery have been found to be due to “battery overheating”.

Moreover, in case of battery overheating, it is not a lie that "mobile phone explodes".

Therefore, among the rules of mobile charging, "this rule of not using mobile while charging is extremely important".

5. Use battery optimization apps

Almost every time, some apps keep working on our Android mobile phones.

Moreover, many background functions, which have no need, continue to use the mobile's charge.

So, there are many good android mobile battery optimization apps, using which you can reduce the amount of charge used in the background.

 Moreover, these types of apps will also help to cool down the battery when it gets hot.

In this, you will get rid of the problem of mobile charging quickly and the health of the battery will be good.

You can use the following battery optimization apps to keep the battery healthy.

  • Battery Doctor
  • Kaspersky Battery Life
  • Battery PI & Optimization

Using these types of apps has proven to be beneficial in keeping the mobile phone battery healthy.

6. Do not leave the mobile charged for the whole night

Assuming you keep the guidelines, leaving the mobile charging for the time being is terrible for the battery.

Think how much rice you eat when you are eager.

Presently, imagine a scenario where you are taken care of more rice than you really want. Same thing with mobile battery.

Charging more than the expected measure of charge in the battery will normally seriously affect the battery and many kinds of issues connected with the charge will show up in the mobile phone.

Thus, attempt to charge as the need might arise. Likewise, don't leave the versatile charging all evening long.

7. Should I use any charger or power bank?

No, never do this if you need to expand the battery duration of your cell phone.

Hello, in the event that there's a crisis or can't track down the charger, utilizing another great charger is simple.

However, using a "low quality mobile charger" for too long can cause serious damage to your mobile battery.

It has been found in many cases that, due to the use of cheap and some cheap chargers, many mobile batteries have even caught fire.

So, use the charger provided with your mobile as much as possible.

Nonetheless, in the event that the charger turns sour, I would recommend going to the assistance focal point of the mobile  company and purchasing a unique charger.

To keep the mobile battery great, everybody genuinely must observe this guideline.

Our last words,

So Friends, a significant number of us have many kinds of issues connected with mobile charging and mobile battery.

In any case, in the event that you keep the 7 guidelines I referenced above to charge the mobile, without a doubt, the battery will be great for quite a while. 

Additionally, you won't have any issue connected with mobile charging. 

In this way, adhere to the guidelines of mobile charging and keep your cell phone battery great until the end of time.

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